Why Panic Is Your Worst Enemy In Times of Danger

Why Panic Is Your Worst Enemy In Times of Danger - The Prepared Bear

Why Panic Is Your Worst Enemy In Times of Danger

There’s nothing worse than dying because you can’t get a hold of yourself. But did you know that the secret to survival is all about staying calm?

We can’t easily tell when danger strikes. Sometimes, it lurks around in the corner waiting for the right moment to pounce on you. And when it does, you will automatically turn into panic mode that will put your life at stake. 

Calm Yourself 

There are several reasons why our body will transition into panic mode when we are on the brink of danger. This includes stress, genetics, and cognitive alertness. Although this kind of feeling is normal at first, it’s important to sink in the situation you are in to keep yourself on your toes.

Doing so allows your brain to function clearly and lets you plan what to do next without panicking. The less you panic, the more chances of survival. This is important especially if you are in the middle of a camping trip and a grizzly bear suddenly comes out from nowhere. Or if you are escaping from a sudden natural disaster that you didn’t expect to be so dangerous.

Survival Kits Are Your Best Friend

When in doubt, you better get your very own survival kit for all your emergency needs. Survival kits come with all the essentials you need that will keep you prepared and ready when the worse is about to come. 

Such essentials that are included are flashlights, waterproof matches, a compass, and first-aid kits just to name a few. There are even other variants out there that come with combat knives, hooks, pepper sprays, and other types of self-defense items. 

So don’t just be an adventurer but also a survivor with these survival kits. Owning one helps you not to panic knowing that you have everything you need for your escape. Ready to shop? There are plenty of survival kits and other emergency items that are available for purchase here at The Prepared Bear.

The Importance of Emergency Preparedness

Prevention is better than cure, and this also applies to our emergency preparedness too. When you are more than ready when danger comes, the safer you will feel without panicking too easily. And to avoid yourself from getting into trouble the next time, you need to trust your survival instincts. 

If you can sense that something doesn’t feel right, then time to get ready and face the dangers that lie ahead. Or better yet, find an alternative way to get through it without risking yourself between life or death.


Panicking is normal, especially when we are directly slapped in the face with unexpected dangerous situations. But by trusting your instincts and knowing the importance of emergency preparedness, you can finally show who’s boss when danger strikes. 

And of course, we should never forget survival kits as well. So go ahead and get yours if you’re planning to have a camping trip with friends or if there’s an upcoming typhoon heading towards town.

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