The Truth About Drinking River Water

The Truth About Drinking River Water - The Prepared Bear

The Truth About Drinking River Water

In the middle of an adventure and you’re running out of water? Good thing river water is just nearby in your area. But are they even safe to drink?

So you are having a weekend backpacking escapade with your colleagues. However, it seems like your water supply isn’t enough to last throughout the adventure. But wait, it looks like there’s a nearby river in the area you are camping on. 

And then a thought comes into mind if it’s safe to drink river water. Want to know the answer? Then seeing you here in this article is no accident. Continue to read on while we talk about all things river water.

Short answer – NO

It is never safe to drink river water. Don’t be fooled by how crystal clear they look because they contain millions of bacteria, viruses, and other kinds of pathogens that are harmful to your health. There are plenty of reasons why these dangerous microorganisms exist in river water.

This includes animal feces and garbage or any kinds of waste that are dumped by humans in the water. And the fact that some factories will dump their excess waste in rivers makes it even worse. It’s also hard to determine how clean river water is. That’s why using river water should always be a last resort and not something that you should prioritize in your camping or backpacking trips.

Portable Filters Are Here To Save The Day

However, if drinking river water is your only option while in the middle of a trip, this is where portable water filters come into play. These portable filtration systems come in different form factors. There are filtered water bottles, pumps, and even straws. 

Adventurers love these portable water filters because of their convenience. You just scope out the water using the filtered bottle, wait for a few seconds to let it do its thing, and now you have cleaner water that is safe to drink. For a filtered straw, you just dip it into the river and drink directly from there. 

Portable water filters are getting trendy in today’s time and are loved by campers and backpackers. It can also be used for emergency situations too, especially if you are in the middle of a natural disaster and the source of water is scarce. Not to mention, they are also portable and are found everywhere be it in your local store or even online.


Drinking river water is now made possible thanks to portable water filters. Now you don’t have to worry in case your water supply runs out during an adventure or emergency. What’s best is that you can use them not only in river water but also in other kinds of water sources too. With portable water filters, you can get the best of both worlds of portability and convenience at the palm of your hands. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now by heading to our shop here at The Prepared Bear

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