The Proper Way to Store MRE

The Proper Way to Store MRE - The Prepared Bear

The Proper Way to Store MRE

You don’t need to be in the military to eat MRE (meals, ready-to-eat) foods, so what’s stopping you?  


MRE is widely known as a food that is often served on soldiers. However, they can be a great companion for your emergency escape too. MRE are handy, ready to munch wherever you are, and can last for years if stored properly. What’s not to love?

MRE Foods Are the Way to Go

Being prepared helps us get that much-needed peace of mind knowing that we have stored enough food for an upcoming disaster. And if you want to include MRE as part of your survival food pack, then time to race your way to the supermarket. The benefits of an MRE includes:

  • A complete meal in a single package
  • Can last up to 3 years (or even more depending on storage)
  • Portable and doesn’t take too much space
  • No heating required! (unless if you want too)
  • Can be eaten straight from the package without using plates

An MRE does indeed look like the perfect foodie companion in times of crisis. Don’t you just love eating food-on-the-go minus all the trouble of cooking them on your own? Just open the pack, grab your spoon, and eat to your heart’s content.

MRE products taste just like ordinary canned foods. But this will depend on the brand, how it’s prepared, and how long has it been on the shelf.

Storing MRE The Right Way

MRE’s are packed in a sealable container that keeps the contents fresh inside. This makes the meals inside the pouch last for years. However, we’re going to make that last even longer with the help of proper storage!

Room temperature is your best friend

MRE’s are usually stored in 81 degrees of temperature. This makes them last as long as 3.5 years. But if you store MRE’s at room temperature that measures around 65-72°F, it would last longer up to 6 years at max. The lower the temperature, the longer it will last.

Freezing MRE’s? Don’t even think about it

Freezing MRE’s can do more harm than good to its packaging. Constant freezing and unfreezing MRE’s can make the food expand and contract inside. Thus, resulting to the packaging to break if not prevented.

Keep it away from rodents

Just like any other food item, keep your MRE packages away from rats and pests. So make sure to lock them inside clean cabinets at room temperature as discussed in the first point above. A dry cellar will suffice as long as it is free from rodents. You can also lock them inside a cabinet too.


There are so many things to love about MRE’s. What’s more is that proper storage will help increase their shelf life too. And Aside from being an emergency food, MRE’s are also ideal as camping foods too. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get that wallet and store MRE packs today!



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