The Advantages of Portable Water Filters Over Traditional Ones

The Advantages of Portable Water Filters Over Traditional Ones - The Prepared Bear

The Advantages of Portable Water Filters Over Traditional Ones

Who doesn’t love drinking fresh and clean water wherever you go?


Portability is the norm in today’s time. With a lot of disasters and calamities getting more prominent, having access to our basic necessities is a must. And this is where portable water filters come into play.


But traditional water filters already do the trick for that, you asked? Of course, it is. However, there are plenty of advantages that portable water filters have over traditional ones that some people tend to overlook. So, what are they? Continue to read on and find out.

Ease of Access Is King

As the name suggests, portable water filters give you access to clean water wherever you are. So if you’re in the middle of a trip and happened to stumble upon a pond or river, a portable water filter is your best friend.


Using a portable water filter helps you drink water from that pond or river with less hassle. And since these water filters come in different forms, you have plenty of ways to get access to clean drinking water.

No Setup, No Hassle, No Worries

Traditional water filters need to be set up under your sink which can be time-consuming. What’s more is that you can’t easily detach them when it’s time to leave the house and escape from an upcoming natural disaster.


But with portable water filters, all these problems will be at bay. The fact that you can get clean water to drink while on the road, this makes portable water filters the best option you can have.

Best for Travels and Emergencies

This section connects to the previous one tackled above. The no-setup nature of portable water filters makes them your ultimate traveling and escaping companion. The best part? They come in small sizes and don’t consume too much space in your bag.


Traditional water filters, on the other hand, come in modular form that you have to assemble. Not to mention, some variants need electricity to operate. This makes traditional water filters only best for home use and not for traveling.


Myriads of Choices for Everyone

As said earlier, portable water filters come in different forms. This gives you the freedom of which one to buy that suits your needs. Here are the different types of portable water filters:

  • Straw filters (can also be used to directly drink from a river, pond, or swamp)
  • Pump
  • Insulated filter tumblers
  • Filter caps (add on for normal tumblers)

What’s best is that these different portable water filters are purchasable everywhere. They are also available at the Prepared Bear too!


Portable water filters indeed have their own set of advantages. But that doesn’t mean traditional water filters are a bad option. Both are good in their own way but when it comes to portability, portable water filters are still king. So, if you’re planning to have a weekend trip with your friends or preparing for an upcoming disaster, there’s no better time to buy portable water filters than now.

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