Survival Tips 101: Long Term Food Storage

Survival Tips 101: Long Term Food Storage - The Prepared Bear

Survival Tips 101: Long Term Food Storage

Did you know that long term food storage is your saving grace in times of an emergency?


Food is like that one friend who will keep you company wherever you are. That’s why it’s important to store lots of them, especially long-term ones in case of an emergency.


Natural disasters or urgent emergencies can happen anytime. And if I were you, food is that one thing I would pack right away before it’s too late. Escaping in the midst of a calamity? Of course, you don’t want to do that with an empty stomach.

Staples You Should Always Bring

If there is one thing that you should never forget when packing for an emergency, these are long-term food storage. A simple trip to the grocery store will greet you with staples that are essential for your tummy when disaster strikes. Here are some of the best ones you can bring

  • Canned veggies
  • Freeze-dried foods
  • Instant coffee
  • Peanut butter
  • Beef Jerky
  • Powdered milk
  • Tuna in-a-can
  • Rice
  • Sugar

With these foods alone, you can keep your grumbling stomach at bay. Make sure that you pack in batches so there’s enough for everyone, especially if you are with your family. And of course, don’t forget to stock up on water too. Pair this with a portable water filter then you’re good to go.

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

Now that you know the importance of long term food storage, here are some to ramp up your survival food even more.

Living up to its name

Since long term foods already last for years, proper storage will help it last even longer. And in the case of emergency preparation, it’s best to store them inside air-tight containers, cans, or Mylar bags. This is best for freeze-dried products, nuts, and sugar just to name a few. Temperature plays a vital role in storing food too. So make sure to place them in an environment that’s around 40 – 60 degrees.

Don’t wait for the sky to turn gray

Last-minute packing is a recipe for disaster. That’s why you should head to the grocery as early as possible. Racing towards the store when the disaster is about to happen is a no-no. Take a look at the early days of the pandemic where people are competing who can overstock the most foods first.

It will never be enough

We will never know when things would get back to normal, especially if an upcoming typhoon or tsunami looks like it will completely wipe out everything in sight. That’s why you need to pack as much as you can that will last for weeks, or even a month. Looking for long-term food kits that are sold in batches? Check out The Prepared Bear and explore their wide-array of survival packages.


Food is indeed a friend we need when our hunger strikes. And during challenging times, the importance of food storage should never be overlooked. So how about you? Have you double-checked your emergency food pack yet? If not, now is the best time to do just that.

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