Reasons Why You Should opt for Portable Water Filters in Times of Crisis

Reasons Why You Should opt for Portable Water Filters in Times of Crisis - The Prepared Bear

Reasons Why You Should opt for Portable Water Filters in Times of Crisis

Does the water taste weird today? Or is it just me?


Portable water filters are a godsend if you want clean and tasty water. Not only they are best for camping purposes, but also in times of an emergency too. These handy filtration systems are so portable that some variants can be used as a straw so you can drink directly from a lake. How cool is that!

Lots of Options to Choose From

There are various types of portable water filters. You have the straw-like type that we mentioned above, a tumbler with a built-in filtration system, or traditional ones such as a pitcher. Whatever portable water filter you choose, there’s always an option for everyone!

They Are Budget-Friendly

Easy to carry, and also easy to the wallet. Portable water filters are reasonably priced for the budget-conscious. It’s the cheapest way to get clean drinking water without putting a toll on your bank account. There are lots of portable water filters that you can find at The Prepared Bear.

Get Clean Water Anytime, Anywhere

With a portable water filter, you can drink almost anywhere! Whether you are a camper or just escaping from the hands of death during a calamity, you can use the river, pond, or lake as a source of water.


You can say goodbye to packing too many water bottles that only take up additional space in your emergency kit. All you need is a portable water filtration system, and then you’re good to go!

Cost-Efficiency At its Finest

More often than not, we rely on water purification companies to get clean and safe-to-drink water. But with portable water filters, you can get unlimited safe drinking water wherever you want. 

No need to spend a few dollars for water purification companies if you have your own filtration system that you can carry anywhere. And if you’re thinking about investing in under-sink water filters, you might want to reconsider your options knowing that they can’t be carried anywhere.

Convenience is King

When it comes to convenience, a portable water filter takes the crown for that. They are made easy-to-use and don’t require power or extra adjustments to operate. Not to mention, they are also small enough to fit in a handbag. 

What’s more is that cleaning portable water filters are also a breeze. However, since you are going to use these handy filters anywhere, it’s best to clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning it doesn’t take too much time compared to bigger, non-portable water filtration systems.


Portable water filters are indeed your best friend in times of crisis. Considering that water lines will be gone and broken for a while after a typhoon or hurricane strikes, having a handy filtration system is definitely a must. Would you mind checking your survival kit again if you already have a water filter? So, if you still don’t have one of these portable companions, there’s no better time to buy than now.

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