About Us

About the Prepared Bear
I’m Chad, and I want to thank you for visiting our store.  My wife and I are the owners here at The Prepared Bear.  I want you to know that we are a 100% family run small business.  That means that we have that extra attention to quality products and details because it is our livelihood and reputation on the line.  

We’ve tested and used almost all of the products you see here before we offered them for sale.  We want to make sure they stand up, that the manufacturer’s are legit, and that you will be happy with anything you buy from us. 

We all love emergency preparedness products, prepping, and food storage items.  We live near the Rocky Mountains and my extended family’s passions include backcountry snowmobiling, snowboarding, hiking, camping, dirt-biking, and watersports.  Our backpacks, vehicles, and shelves always contain multiple items from our store – we use them in almost everything we do. 

Every product you see on our site will enhance your experience whether it’s prepping, food storage, emergency preparedness, or simply making sure you have a hot meal for a day in the wild. 

Please have trust in the products we offer here.  I know you will be impressed and our goal is to have you as a lifetime client and friend.  

If you’re new to this niche, I would like to recommend starting with some of our best sellers like MRE Meals, or Water Treatment products as these help to keep us fed and watered safely in the event of an emergency.  

Thank you for supporting our small business, and please don’t hesitate to reach out at anytime with questions or comments on our products or service.  

Kind Regards
Chad W.