Long Term Food Storage: What To Practice

Long Term Food Storage: What To Practice - The Prepared Bear

Long Term Food Storage: What To Practice

Are you even doing your long term food storage the right way?

Getting ready for an upcoming calamity is as easy as prioritizing long term food storage. However, there’s a fraction of people in our community that still don’t know how to do it properly.

Long term food storage should be given attention. You can’t just go to the grocery store, grab everything that you can, store them, and call it a day. That’s why I am here today to give you these tips and tricks to finally end your long term food storage woes. 

Big Grocery Sale? Nope!

If your local supermarket is having a sale, then there is a high chance that most of these products on sale are near their expiration date. So be a smart buyer and check their expiry dates first before adding them to your cart.

More often than not, these grocery sales also come in combo or packages, making it more tempting to buy. Don’t be fooled with these so-called ‘good deals’ and always check their dates.

There’s nothing worse than storing food for emergencies only to find out they are going to expire in a week or two. Be a keen checker because doing so not only saves your stomach but also your wallet too.

Different Products, Different Shelf Lifes

Not all products are made the same. That’s why you need to keep about their proper storage factors such as the temperature, for example. Some foods are okay to be stored on a cupboard, while others need to be kept inside a fridge.

The normal temperature for food storage is around a constant 40 to 60 degrees. However, this also depends on what type of food you want to store. So do a little research to know which one suits this and that. 

Store Food You WANT To Eat

Because what’s the point of storing food you don’t even want to touch? So make sure to prioritize foods that you are going to eat when the crisis comes. Storing food that is just going to be ignored by you and your family will result in spoilage.

Keep in mind that spoilage can spread easily and may affect other food items you have in store. And when this happens, it’s best to get rid of the source, which is the spoiled food, immediately as you can.

Better yet, why not buy long-term food kits? These food kits come in batches and have all the essentials and come at a single price. You can find more of them with different variants at www.thepreparedbear.com 


By practicing long term food storage etiquette, you can have delicious and healthy foods without worrying about spoilage and storage issues. So always pay attention when it comes to storing food, especially if this is for an emergency. Natural disasters are just around the corner. And if you think this is the perfect time to pack and store food, then consider this article as a sign to do so.

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