Healthy Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Healthy Delicious Camping Food Ideas - The Prepared Bear

Healthy Delicious Camping Food Ideas

Who said ‘healthy’ camping foods can’t be delicious?


When we think about healthy foods, we always picture out fruits and greens that are boring to look at and eat. That’s why I’m here today to bring you the best healthy and delicious food ideas for your camping adventures.

Nutty Banana Pancakes

Say goodbye to the old, and in with the new. Transform your regular breakfast pancakes to something healthier with just a few ingredients. Nutty banana pancakes give you that sweet and nutritious taste from every bite.


All you need is to add banana slices (especially freeze-dried ones), nuts, a bit of brown sugar, and voila! Your breakfast camping experience is now so much healthier.

Ultimate Panzanella Camping Salad

The Panzanella salad is one of my favorites when it comes to healthy foods. So I’m bringing this one up in the list paired with a few additional ingredients. Normally, a Panzanella salad consists of chopped bread, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

So let’s level that up by adding peaches and berries for a more sweet and healthy taste. This ultimate Panzanella camping salad is perfect for snacks while enjoying the view of the great outdoors.

Sweet Potato Hash with Chorizo

Hash often uses regular potatoes as a primary ingredient. But let’s make things new by using sweet potato instead. Pair this with grounded chorizo for a sweat and meaty taste that melts in your mouth.


Don’t forget to add the spices too! And for extra texture, add diced scallions and a sunny-side-up egg on top. Now you have a camping meal that is not only mouth-watering but also nutritiously tasty as well.

Seedy Apple Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a breakfast staple that is always present at our table. So why not give it an upgrade by adding apple slices and different variants of seeds? I like to call this the ‘Seedy apple oatmeal’ because the seeds add extra texture to it.


So what kind of seeds should I add, you asked? I highly recommend chia, flax, and hemp seeds, and make sure to mix it well. Lastly, put freeze-dried apple slices on top, and there you go! You now have an upgraded oatmeal that’s tastier and healthier.

Stuffed French Toasts with Strawberries

Tired from an afternoon hike along the camping trail? You deserve a french toast to make up for that lost energy. But not just ordinary french toast but healthier stuffed french toast paired with strawberries. 

This one is simple to prepare. After toasting the bread, all you need is to fill the french toasts with melted cheese and sliced fresh strawberries. You can also add berries for a much sweeter taste too. Now that’s what I call an upgrade!


Camping foods have never been delicious with these five ideas I listed above. Now you don’t have any excuses to skip your much-needed nutrition. So, pack up, get your ingredients & portable cooking equipment ready, and time to go camp!

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