Freeze-Dried Foods: Your Emergency Foodie Companion

Freeze-Dried Foods: Your Emergency Foodie Companion - The Prepared Bear

Freeze-Dried Foods: Your Emergency Foodie Companion

Will freeze-dried foods be your new best friend?


Is your stomach tired of begging for its life asking for food? Then say hello to freeze-dried foods, the unsung hero of every emergency.


Freeze-dried foods are sometimes overlooked by many of us. But did you know? There are actually plenty of benefits that you can get from such, which is what we are going to talk about today!

Power Up With Freeze-Dried Foods

The freeze-drying process offers a lot of advantages to the table for food products. Here are the best benefits you can get from it:

Insane shelf life

Freeze-dried foods are made to last for years. That’s why they are the ideal food type that is loved by campers and preppers. Though keep in mind that this also depends on how the freeze-dried food is packaged, stored, and its temperature.


You can play around with freeze-dried foods. If you want to unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey when experimenting with recipes, freeze-dried foods got your back. A quick Google search will take you to thousands of food sites where they use freeze-dried products as an ingredient.

Wide Variety of Options

You have plenty of choices when it comes to freeze-dried foods. Of course, you can buy pre-packaged ones in the market. But if you want to freeze-dry them on your own assuming that you have the equipment, here’s a list of compatible foods for that:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Coffee
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Dairy

The time to freeze-dry such products depending on the water content they have. A specific food product may be quicker than the other, or vice versa.

Nutrients Stay Intact

There’s a common misconception about the freeze-drying process being similar to food dehydration. Although sounding similar on paper, the amount of nutrients you will get from freeze-dried products are more compared to dehydrated ones.


That’s why nutritionists highly recommend freeze-dried products over dehydrated. Not to mention, the shape of a freeze-dried food doesn’t deform too much, which is what we are going to tackle below.

What a beauty to behold

When it comes to physical appearance, dehydrated foods look almost unrecognizable. But that isn’t the case with freeze-dried foods. For example, a strawberry still looks like a strawberry. Whereas a dehydrated strawberry doesn’t look like a strawberry anymore because of its severe deformation.

The best emergency companion you can ever have

This one is a culmination of all the points I mentioned above. Nutritious, beautiful, long shelf life, what more can you ask? You can even carry them wherever you go without taking too much space on your bag. This is because the foods shrink a bit thanks to the freeze-drying process. Talk about taking handiness to the next level!


Freeze-dried foods are indeed the unsung hero in times of crisis. You can even eat them on-the-go with no cooking needed, especially freeze-dried fruits. Have you packed freeze-dried foods in your emergency kit today? If not, you can visit The Prepared Bear to shop for freeze-dried products.

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