Food Storage Tips and Tricks

Food Storage Tips and Tricks - The Prepared Bear

Food Storage Tips and Tricks

If your relationship didn’t last long, would you risk doing the same for your foods too?


Food is love, food is life, food is everything. Taking good care of your food is a must. They can be your lifesaver when your stomach starts to grumble down there.


Taking care of your food is as simple as following food storage etiquette to make them last longer. So, whenever a crisis strikes, be it a pandemic, typhoon, or hurricane, you have plenty of food to eat when stores are closed down for the time being.

Fruit and Veggie Storage Tips

Fruits and vegetables give us our daily dose of nutrients. So, if you are a fruit and veggie lover like me, then follow these tips.

Separate Apples Away from Other Fruits

If you love apples, then store them away from other fruits. Apple contains ethylene, which is spreadable to other fruits near it. Thus, making those fruits to ripe faster just like apples may cause spoilage. So do your bananas, oranges, or grapes a favor by storing apples away from them.

Use a ‘produce-saving’ container

Some fruits and vegetables tend to spoil faster. But this can be prevented by storing them inside a produce-saving container. You can purchase them at your local supermarket or even online. As the name suggests, you can store any kind of fruit/veggie produce inside a ‘produce-saving’ container be it cucumbers, kale, berries, and the like.

Freeze-dry fruits and veggies

The best way to extend your fruits’ and veggies’ shelf life is by freeze-drying them. So, if you have freeze-drying equipment, then go for it. But if you don’t, you can purchase freeze-dried products directly at The Prepared Bear.

Dry Foods Storage Tips

Follow these tips for oats, pastas, rice, nuts, or any kind of dry food.

Airtight containers are your best friend

Prevent your rice, pastas, and oats from going stale by putting them inside airtight containers. Then store these containers in a cool, and dry place at room temperature.

A ‘Nutty’ Secret

People believed that nuts should be stored on the shelf indefinitely. However, they should only be kept on a shelf for a maximum of three months. You can then store them inside the freezer to make these nuts last for a year.

Good ventilation is key

Having good ventilation keeps dry food from spoiling quickly. So, store them somewhere safe where there is constant temperature and humidity.

General Tip for All Kind of Foods

Before summing up this article, here are pro tips that apply to whatever food you have. 

  • Do not line up your foods when shelving. Ensure that there are spaces in between to promote airflow.
  • Make sure that all storage areas (shelves, pantries, containers) dry and clean before storing the food.
  • Sight these storage areas for cracks and damaged openings. You don’t want pests to have a feast on your emergency food, right?


Foods are a blessing that should never be wasted. And by following these food storage tips above, rest assured that your foods will last longer than you expected. So, don’t wait for a natural calamity to happen. There’s no better time to store your food correctly than now.


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