MRE Meals are so versatile!  Whether you are just looking for something quick to bug out with, or if you are looking for ideal prepper food to make your own stockpile in case a state of emergency is declared, you should consider investing in the MREs we have available here at The Prepared Bear.

If you are new to MREs, let us explain what they are.

MREs or Meal, Ready-to-Eat is self-contained and individually wrapped rations of food in lightweight packaging that are made famous by the US Department of Defense to provide its service members with what they need out on the field.  The point of MREs is simply to provide the necessary nourishment for members of the armed forces.  MRE’s normally have a 5 year shelf life (depending on brand), and you can get them with self-heating packs so that every meal is hot without the need of fire or other heating tools.  

You don’t need to be in the military to order these meals!  We currently have several different cost-effective MREs options available – most come as a pack of 12 MREs and offers a great selection of ready-to-eat meals that will provide you the nutrients and nourishment you need to survive.  Look for our Vegetarian MRE Meals, Gluten Free (GF) MRE Meals, and Halal MRE Meals options as well during checkout.  

Their practical packaging, which acts as its own food storage unit and specially-devised recipes make them a must for any food prepper.  MRE Meals for camping are also a very popular option to keep your pack lightweight and your meals portable.  Check out our videos on the product pages to see the different combinations and flavors of the meals! 

We have personally tried most of the different MRE Meals and can say that they are extremely good!