Camping Gear Maintenance Tips Every Camper Should Follow

Camping Gear Maintenance Tips Every Camper Should Follow - The Prepared Bear

Camping Gear Maintenance Tips Every Camper Should Follow

Why is it so hard to follow camping gear maintenance etiquette sometimes?

Taking good care of camping gear is one of the simplest tasks a camper can maintain but hard to follow. And since you are here in this blog today, you’re probably one of the few who’s having a hard time doing it too. 

But fret not because help is on the way. Below is a list of camping gear maintenance tips to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at them!

Thorough Cleaning Is A Must

If your camping gear has been through tough conditions while on camp, then wash them immediately once you get home. Make sure that not a single spec of dirt or mud is left in your gear. Use a brush to clean those hard-to-reach areas if doing it by hand isn’t enough. It’s also advisable to sterilize your gear by washing them with warm water.

However, avoid overwashing them or using harsh soaps. Because doing so is a recipe for disaster and might do more harm than good to your gear. Keep in mind that not all gear needs to be washed thoroughly such as non-waterproof items.

Keep Them Dry

If you just got home from a rainy camping trip, it is important to keep your camping gear dry. Doing so prevents moisture buildup that can lead to further problems. An example would be your tent’s metallic skeleton where it will get rusty which leads to brittleness if it stays wet. 

Use a clean and damp cloth to wipe your gear. You can also use a hair blower to dry them faster or let them stay under the sun for a few minutes.

Let It Breathe

Don’t leave your gear to stay inside their packs. After drying, give them time to breathe instead of putting them back in their dedicated bags right after. This ensures that there is no remaining moisture that settles in every nook and cranny of your camping gear. 

Proper Storage Is The Key

Once you are done with all the cleaning and drying, it’s time to store your camping gear in a cool and moist-free place that’s away from sunlight. The best place would be inside the cabinet to ensure that it is also out of reach from rodents or insects. 

Rats love to munch on anything they can find. So make sure that your camping gear is securely locked into place or the next thing you’ll find is your tent and camping bags filled with lots of holes.


Following basic camping gear maintenance is the secret to make them last longer. It also saves you money from buying another set of gear just because your current ones became unusable due to poor maintenance. And we hope this blog helped encourage you to take good care of your gear. And speaking of such, we have plenty of camping gear and other essentials that are available here at The Prepared Bear. Feel free to visit our shop and explore our wide catalogue of products that might interest you.

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