A Portable Alternative For Water Filtration

A Portable Alternative For Water Filtration - The Prepared Bear

A Portable Alternative For Water Filtration

With a plethora of water purification solutions in the market today, have you considered trying water purification drops as a portable alternative?

Water is an essential necessity that we always carry around no matter where we go. Whether you are going to school, work, or having an adventure with your colleagues, it’s really important to always bring water.

But what about in times of crisis? Or when you’re mountain trekking and you ran out of water and the only water source is a nearby lake or river? Of course, you have filtered water bottles for that. But if these are not your cup of tea, this is where water purification drops save the day. 

What Are Water Purification Drops?

Water purification drops are a quick and easy solution to get access to clean drinking water. These drops contain chlorine dioxide that helps ward off bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous microorganisms to make water drinkable.

Unlike filtered water bottles, these drops are also a favorite among backpackers, trekkers, and the like when it comes to convenience. Their compact, handy, and easy to use nature is a big advantage for adventurers who are always on-the-go. All you have to do is to put a few drops of the solution into the water, wait for a few seconds, and then you’re done!


These water treatment drops have been around for years. However, there are some people that are still hesitant about using it. If you are one of them, these benefits will surely change your perspective about these water purification drops.

Safe to use

You might be wondering, are these chlorine dioxide-induced drops safe to use, you asked? Of course, they are! According to the CDC, chlorine dioxide has a high effectiveness rate in killing viruses in water. So rest assured that water purification drops won’t do any harm to your body when used.

Improves water taste

These drops not only get rid of harmful pathogens but also make water taste better too. It also acts fast and doesn’t take a minute for the water to be treated. Now you can quench your thirst anytime, anywhere as you travel whether it’s from a lake or river.

Small package, big treatment

Most water purification drops come in a small bottle. However, this ‘small’ bottle can treat up to more than fifty liters of water. Not to mention, these drops also come at an affordable price. This is indeed a bang for your buck if you are looking for quick water treatment that doesn’t break the bank. And thanks to its small form factor, you can have more free space in your backpack without the added bulk.


Water purification drops are sometimes overlooked by many of us. However, this is one of the best alternatives if filtered water bottles or straws are too costly for you. These water treatment drops are available for purchase at The Prepared Bear. So if you are planning for a weekend adventure with your friends, there’s no better time to buy water purification drops than now.

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